Is Your Horse Suffering From Laminitis?


Laminitis is one of the most aggressively painful diseases that your horse can develop. This inflammatory condition manifests in the hoof of your horse and can prove to be debilitating if not caught, and treated, in good time. Although laminitis is common in horses, it has also been known to affect other ungulates such as cattle and pigs. It is vital for horse owners to recognise the symptoms of laminitis so that they can take their equine to an animal hospital promptly for the appropriate treatment.

26 March 2018

A Palace for Pups: How to Choose the Best Boarding Kennels


Unlike many other pets, dogs are often able to come along with us on our travels.  This can make it all the more difficult to cope with when that's not possible - and if there's no friend or family member to take care of your loved one while you're away, the best option is to send your dog to boarding kennels.  There, your pup can be cared for by professionals while you're away, with all their needs attended to.

24 July 2017