A Palace for Pups: How to Choose the Best Boarding Kennels


Unlike many other pets, dogs are often able to come along with us on our travels.  This can make it all the more difficult to cope with when that's not possible - and if there's no friend or family member to take care of your loved one while you're away, the best option is to send your dog to boarding kennels.  There, your pup can be cared for by professionals while you're away, with all their needs attended to.  But how exactly can you be sure that your dog will get the best possible love, care and attention while you're away?  Here are some tips for spotting high-quality boarding services to set your mind at rest.

How Much Info is Required?

You know better than anybody how unique your dog is.  If you have more than one furry friend, you're especially privy to how completely different every dog is to the next.  As such, every dog's care requirements are different too.  When you visit the website or make a call to inquire about boarding your dog at a kennel, you should therefore pay attention to how many questions they ask about your pup.  Are they interested in your dog's ordinary feeding schedule, for example?  Do they ask about your dog's personality at all?  If so, you know that they're already equipped to accommodate the needs of many different kinds of dogs, and fully aware of the necessity to do so.  It's a much better sign than if you simply have to volunteer this information to the kennel yourself.

How Many Employees?

Especially in larger facilities, it's very important to know exactly how many people will be available to take care of your dog.  After all, no matter how clean a place looks and how many toys they supply for their resident pups - if there isn't enough staff, your dog simply won't get the attention he or she needs.  A good boarding kennel will be able to tell you their staff-to-dog ratio, and perhaps even tell you exactly how much one-on-one time that equates to for your dog.

Can You Tour?

Kennel employees are likely to be busy people, but they should still be willing to allow you to take a look around prior to dropping off your dog.  It's not just about checking for cleanliness or for the quality of the fittings, which you could probably check in photographs; it's stepping into the business on an average day of operation, seeing how the dogs are treated and whether they seem happy, and deciding on that basis whether your own pooch would be happy there.  If it's not possible for you to do that, it doesn't mean there's anything shifty going on - but if you can, then it will certainly give you some peace of mind.

Really, nobody likes handing their beloved pet over to strangers - whether it's a boarding kennel or a trained veterinarian.  It just doesn't feel right, and you'll know you're going to miss your dog.  However, if you can feel confident before you leave that your baby is going to the best possible place, then it might take some of the weight off your shoulders.  At least then you'll know that your dog is enjoying his or her vacation too!


24 July 2017

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