Construction and Cat Care: What to do with Kitty while Your Home is Being Renovated

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Home renovation can be tough on cats. Not only is their territory being invaded by strange men, but the racket made by high-powered tools might just leave them wide-eyed and petrified. The best thing you can do for your cat is to ensure that they are safe, and more importantly—sane, while the chaos of your home remodel is taking place.

While your cat's safety should be of paramount importance, you also need to consider that the men working on your home need to be able to concentrate fully on what they are doing. Having a frightened cat darting here and there during construction is a sure-fire recipe for a catastrophe!

To ensure your home renovation proceeds without a hitch and to protect the sanity of your cat, consider making other arrangements for your cat until the remodel is complete.

Find a Reputable Cattery near You

Before construction work begins, research the boarding options in your local area. A good cattery should have no problem with you popping in for a tour during working hours. If your request for a tour is declined, that is usually a good indicator that you should look elsewhere. As you look around, ensure you remember to check for things like heated accommodation, individual units, provision of a cat run, and a safety corridor.

Some cat boarding facilities will also offer grooming services for a little extra.

Keep Your Cat in a Room Far from Any Construction

If you would rather have your cat where you can see them, another option is to keep them in a room away from the ongoing renovation. However, you should keep several things in mind when choosing this option:

  • Your cats will need time to adjust to this new arrangement. Start Early.
  • Inform the builders not once, not twice, but until they get sick of hearing it.
  • Just to be sure, put a sign on the door or even lock it if need be.
  • Place a radio or TV in the room to help block out the construction noise.
  • Give your cat lots to do. Add a cat tree and some toys.
  • Ensure there is enough food and water.

Leave Your Cat with a Relative

If this option is available to you, this is probably the easiest of the three, after all, your cat will be with someone they know and trust which means both you and your cat can relax.

A home renovation project can be a traumatic experience for a cat. Make sure you plan ahead to make sure your cat is safe, sane, and sound during a home remodel. 


18 June 2017

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