Why You May Want To Consider Neutering Your Pet

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If you have a pet, your vet may have proposed having it neutered. However, some pet owners may be wary about putting their pet through animal surgery if they do not urgently need it. What these people are not bearing in mind is that neutering your dog or cat can prevent potential health problems, hence prolonging the lifespan of your pet. Below are a few reasons why you may want to consider neutering your pet:

Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies

One of the first things to note about intact males is that it would be tough for them to resist any females that are in heat. As a result, they would end up becoming easily excitable whenever there is a female in heat near them. If your dog procreates with another pet and the female becomes pregnant, you could be liable for any expenses incurred. You may be better off having your pet neutered to prevent this.

Neutering regulates your pet's behaviour

Intact males can develop a host of behavioural problems due to the high amounts of testosterone coursing through their body. The most common behavioural problem would be mounting anything in sight, which can be quite embarrassing to you as the pet owner. Additionally, your pet may display an aggressive temperament, which can pose the risk of potential injury to other pets and even humans. You may want to consider neutering your pet to improve their overall behaviour and give them a more relaxed temperament.

Neutering reduces the chances of health problems

There is a host of diseases and ailments that intact pets become susceptible to as they age. One of the most common health problems that intact males develop is benign prostatic hyperplasia, which causes the enlargement of their prostate gland. Your pet may also be at risk of developing abscesses and cysts on their prostate too, which would result in numerous hospital visits. Another common health issue that affects intact males is a perineal hernia. This illness is characterised by the pet's internal organs slipping out due to their pelvis developing weakened muscles. Neutering your pet can drastically reduce the risk of your pet developing these problems.

Neutering prevents your pet from straying

If your dog or cat is intact, they will have the propensity to roam around in search of a mate. Not only does this put them at risk of getting lost, but it also increases the chances of them getting into a fight with stray animals, leading to severe injuries. Neutering your pet increases the chances of them having a relaxed demeanour that would keep them at home.

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28 May 2017

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